About Vince Johnson Leather

You have landed at the General Store and product website for Vince Johnson Leather (occasionally known an “Beef Skin“).  For those seeking quality crafted leather goods you are in good hands.  Our products are either French Lin Cable or SunGuard UV poly stitched USA  grown and tanned full-grain hide by the hands of an especially beefy man.  Every single item is handcrafted in the USA. Our Maker was born the first day of Autumn at a U.S. Army base in a state named after the father of our great country, raised strong on John Wayne approved chow, strong artfully roasted coffee and craft brewed beer.  Historically you had to know Mr. Johnson to own one of these fine items and now on this website and a few brick and mortar locations.  As always, our orders ship free USPS to anyone residing in the USA.

Wherever or however you get your hands on our hide please remember our items aren’t simply handcrafted, each item is individually “MANcrafted” by the world famous Vince Johnson.