To create requires both time and skill.

VinceMade Leather comes to you from a one man workshop the tiny town of Rainier Washington, USA.  In 2010 an artist looking to expand on creative vision and a poorly crafted Chinese wallet, I found my way to the local leather supply shop and bought some remnant oil tanned leather scraps, artificial sinew and a couple beginner tools. The result was a bulky, crooked, poorly stitched and already 200% better than the old wallet. 

After showing off my new card pouch to some friends, family and co-workers they all wanted one, and so VinceMade was off to the races. 

The results of 10 years, hundreds of pounds of leather, terrible wallets, watch straps, knife sheaths and holsters later and we finally have some amazing products to offer the public.

I sincerely believe that  you will love owning my handcrafted leather goods as much as I did learning to create them.