No secrets here, each hide is hand selected at the Hide House in Napa California.  Some tanneries featured in our products include:

  • S.B. Foot (aka Red Wing Shoes in house tannery), est. 1872
  •  Horween famous for their Shell Cordovan, est. 1905
  • Wickett & Craig Curwensville, Pennsylvania, est 1867
  • Hermann Oak St. Louis est 1881

We also offer limited options such as Caiman Crocodile, Shark, Vachetta Italian leather and even vintage baseball gloves.


Founded in 1823, Vergez Blanchard has been a trusted tool source for luxury leather goods makers including Louis Vuitton and Hermes. 190 years later they are still considered the best in quality, dependability and longevity for leather tools.

  • Pricking Irons
  • L'Indispensable Knife
  • Screw Crease


John James Needles is synonymous with the very best of needle manufacturing, quality and reliability that traces its roots back to the company's founding in 1840. Every needle is put through a 12 step manufacturing process and are individually inspected before being packaged from the main plant in Redditch, Worcestershire Britain.


C.S. Osborne punches and Awls, Weaver hand tools.