Current Stitching Color Options

this list updates periodically 

Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable


When making custom bags and leather goods, every detail counts and choice in thread is one of those things that make the difference between a great leather piece and a good one.

Alternate Colors

Many alternate colors are available though
there may be an additional wait time.



Used by high end leatherworkers and luxury fashion houses, Lin Câblé has a beautiful look and vibrant color but is also strong and wear resistant.  All of our thread is coated with local sourced beeswax acting as a natural lubricant and preservative.

What is Lin Câblé

Lin Cable is the best linen thread for leather work in the world and is famously used by many true luxury goods brands.  Lin Cable costs around 10x more than, standard linen thread, however the quality, consistency and choice of colors is a worthwhile investment.  Our corded linen is a luxury thread which is also be used for quality jewelry making, bookbinding.  All of the corded linen lines are great products, each have been perfected to different sewing applications.

  • Lin Retors often comes in small sewing thread capsules and is a single twisted thread used for embroidery and cloth sewing. 
  • Lin Retors Extra is the next step up- three strands twisted and then retwisted for extra smoothness and durability.
  • Lin Câblé is yet a another step up from that, in that it is moistened and smoothed for even more strength and durability.

We currently use thread sizes 432 and 532 set to 6 or 8 SPI (stitch per inch) using only the best Vergez Blanchard stitching irons.