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Italian Conceria Walpier Leather Watch Straps

These classy watch straps are made from Vegetable Tanned Leather comes from the Conceria Walpier Tannery in Italy.

Hand Stitching

Every item is painstakingly hand stitched with bees wax coated Fil au Chinois "Lin Cable" Waxed Linen Thread, size 632 (0.51mm), spaced at 3.85mm.


Every strap shown in our collection will be outfitted with Panatime solid Stainless Steel Pre-V MOD DEP buckles unless you prefer a no buckle option.  Apple Watch adapters are available for a small additional fee.

Why do I make straps?

Inspired many years ago by friend and fellow leather legend, Micah Dirksen of Vintager Straps.  Inspecting his work, I began making straps for my less impressive wrist wear collection.  After several dozen failed attempts; and general leather making skills improved upon, the design has been refined enough to make this maker proud.  If you appreciate what you see, please visit Vintager Straps website and consider his straps first, I am not interested in stealing any of his business after all.

Order your strap

  • Dr. Bag Watch Strap $175
  • Blackout Strap $150
  • Vintage Baseball Glove Watch Strap $210